• Villa Del Papa
  • Villa Del Papa


The manor was built during the XVIII century. It was owned by the Conti De Nobili family, and then by the Conti Pannocchia family. It was made as a servants quarters to the main house which is a century older. The first restructure, in Liberty style, was done in the first ‘900 when Rosa Pannocchia married Carlo Barsotti, who financed the San Giuiano Terme Tunnel, that links Lucca to Pisa: the street next to the house was named after him. Today, after several changes, the owners live in the first floor, leaving the ground floor that faces the garden for guests.


It was the year 1918 when Giovanni Del Papa, tenth out of eleven children, at the young age of 14 years old, left Italy to follow a dream called America. He was alone and without shoes, because a storm had taken them away during the crossing. He landed on Ellis Island, the famous small isle of the immigrants, where he passed his first 40 days. After a lot of pains, sufferings and joys he finally realized his dream in the 1964 coming back to Italy after buying the propriety of Carlo Barsotti, including the old farm with the manor house and the servants house (Villa del Papa, now). The farm was the heart of the village, where life revolved around it. Men used to join the grape and wheat harvests, following many feasts. The procession marched along the farm way, and in its courtyard films were projected. My parents lived and loved every every moment of this, and after them, my family...


Many years have passed, and the love for this place has survived. You can breath it in the air; the house was restored to its former splendor. The surrounding park was transformed choosing colours and perfumes, and a little paradise was born. It has something new and awsome to show each day. The house is again full of life and it can continue to tell our story, made of hospitality and sharing like a big family. The characteristic of the location is in a typical country village, dotted with small shops that offer local products, coffee shop, pizzerias, family restaurants and various services to each necessity; A surplus, the beautiful roman\lucchese style church from 900 years ago, with its bell tower built just in front of the house. As soon as you cross the gate, you will be surrounded of a lot of green, in a small oasis. Our guests learn quickly to buy local products and have a candle light dinner in the garden, with the nice picnic baskets that are in their rooms.